Change Management Project

Week 4: August 3-7

At Crestron, it’s become a tradition during the Summer internship program to create a big-name project for their interns to work on for the duration of the program. This is an opportunity for interns of various departments to come together and put their creative ideas to the test. With the biggest problem of 2020, being the Corona Virus pandemic, the theme for this “Internovation” project was change management. As our world is going through lots of new changes in safety protocols and much more, it was only deemed necessary to build a project in relation to this.
The objective of this project was to find a way for Crestron to help their customers, employees, and company in these uncertain times:

  • How will the new workplace look?
  • How remote working has changed?
  • Or what higher education will look like post COVID-19?

Working with other interns, from different departments, expanded our knowledge on more a technical standpoint and insight on working with engineering, manufacturing, marketing, customer support, etc. With the summer’s end approaching quickly, teams had to plan accordingly to have our project done in timely manner to present by meeting appropriate deadlines. Presentation Day took place on August 6, 2020 through Zoom, where all 9 intern teams presented to one another, executive board and a panel of judges. This experience gave all of us the opportunity to reach outside of our comfort zone and form new relationships with other departments amongst the Crestron family.

-Laura & Pia