Current projects, work experience

Week 3: July 27-31

Working at Crestron has been a tremendous experience. Given my technical position, I have been working on campus every day. There is never a time I do not feel safe as every person who enters the building must wear a mask and have their temperature scanned. Meeting others in person has been a highlight of this experience as everyone is so welcoming and eager to show me around. These past two weeks have been spent updating the Crestron Experience Center with new technology to be shown to potential clients in the future. I had the pleasure of working with ArtGuild, our tradeshow booth builder, as they installed the infrastructure needed to support the displays within the center. I was able to see the project from start to finish and get a glimpse of how the teams work together as if we were setting up for a tradeshow across the country. I started with working with Tara Rice, our Demo Systems Manager, on managing the new inventory coming in and the old going out. From there I worked with my team on populating products into the newly installed walls to make sure everything was secure and placed correctly for display. Additionally, I assisted with the wiring and troubleshooting of each product so that they were in working condition. It was great working with my team side-by-side (6ft apart!) and being able to get hands-on experience with Crestron technology and knowledge about the A/V industry. Currently, our next project is remodeling our Studio in order to make it more suitable for video recording, broadcasting, and live events such as product demonstrations and seminars!


The most exciting part of my daily PR intern activities include interacting with the end-users. Case studies are a Crestron PR staple. The majority of Crestron technologies operate behind the scenes so it’s difficult to show potential customers the scale and capability of the systems. Publishing case studies solves this problem. By maintaining strong relationships and communication with the dealer and end-users the PR team demonstrates how Crestron products/services have been implemented successfully and changed the lives of many for the better. During calls with the end user I take notes that are used to draft the case study.

As the Crestron Next Virtual event quickly approaches, I collaborate with members of the greater marketing team to:

  • Create monthly reports and search for press mentions of the event
  • Sit in and participate during Crestron Next planning meetings
  • Work within the Tradeshow and PR departments to get a full picture of the event planning process from drafting a press release to the execution of the first Crestron virtual event.