How has the internship process been going, what have you most enjoyed?

Week 5: August 10-14

This internship has certainly brought me a new outlook on the technology industry which I am very thankful for. Every day I am learning something new, developing new skills and getting more connected with my team. The projects I have been taking on are giving me a better insight of what I want to do for my future full time job. Getting the experience of working with email marketing and social media accounts have given me a greater interest than I expected, and I am grateful for that. This internship program allowed me to take on responsibilities and challenge myself which is something I could not get anywhere else.
I believe a big factor in having such a great experience was the company culture. In the beginning I was afraid that working from home would keep me isolated and keep me from getting to know my fellow interns and teams. I am happy to say that was not the case. The fellow marketing interns and I virtually met with each other every week. We were able to get to know each other, talk about our projects and wind down on a Friday afternoon after a busy week. Having the company culture be so welcoming made me feel less isolated and excited to get to work every day.


This intern experience has exceeded all my expectations. I am thankful for my manager, Lindsay Dillon, and my mentor’s, Ron Epstein, constant support, feedback, guidance, and mentorship. The have taught me so much about communicating and working as a team. The internship program was a very fulfilling experience as I was able to see behind-the-scenes of press releases, case studies, and everything that goes into bringing a product to market from release to end-user.