What Crestron did to make WFH comfortable, how we’re handling remote work, what our day looks like

Week 2: July 20-24

Working from home was something I would have never expected during my internship program. Having only experience working in offices, it was a huge adjustment to have my work- space now be in my house. It took some getting used to, but Crestron has made this adjustment very easy for us. Crestron made working from home efficient and comfortable while still giving me a great experience. A few days before the program started, they sent us equipment and assistance on making sure we were prepared for work. Crestron is still giving me an amazing experience while working from home by constantly having open communication and giving us opportunities to work with interns from other specialties. Even though we are at home I still feel connected with my team and fellow interns as we communicate frequently and stay in touch throughout the day.

My working schedule is mostly the same routine everyday. A day as an intern for me looks like:

  • Check my emails, to do list and calendar to prepare for meetings I have that day.
  • Meet with my mentor to review my projects
  • Work on projects I was assigned
  • Search for relevant articles/blogs that relate to Crestron
  • Add blogs to blog calendar if needed


Working from home has been a very unique experience. I had a little bit of experience working from home at my spring internship and the transition was challenging to say the least. I really took working in an office for granted up until now.
However, Crestron has done a really great job of ensuring a seamless work from home experience for us. Laptops were sent to our home addresses along with headsets, a wireless mouse, and a backpack. Our orientation was conducted on Zoom, but still conveyed the same feeling of being warmly welcomed. The executives and employees who took the time to speak to us made it clear that the company was excited to onboard a new class of interns despite the circumstances.
The longer I work here, the more I realize that no two days will ever be the same for me. My days usually consist of the following:

  • Check emails & make to-do list
  • Ongoing projects (ex. Dealer landscape, buyer personas, etc.)
  • Ad-hoc requests from dealers (ex. Email campaigns, newsletters, blog post talking points, partner pages, etc.)
  • Meetings with dealers and partners
  • Daily meetings with my manager, Sarah Beggs
  • Weekly meetings with my mentor, Josh Stene

Overall, my internship experience has been like no other and I’ve learned so much more than I could have ever imagined. I feel like I’m truly making an impact and contributing to my team’s marketing efforts.