“Working in this division has improved my communication skills and the ability to think on my feet. I have also learned a lot about the business side of Crestron.”

Nikesh P.
Technical Support Specialist, Applications Engineering

"Despite the difficult scenarios presented in 2020, the Crestron family worked diligently to ensure that I still felt welcomed. I was able to talk to many experts in Electrical Engineering, and my mentor set aside plenty of time for me to ask numerous questions."

Colin W.
Intern, Hardware—Digital Media

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Apart from the usual technical skills that are needed to perform the job, we look for candidates who can challenge the status quo and candidates who demonstrate constant hunger for doing things better today than yesterday through continual change.

Cloud Operations

We deliver round-the-clock endpoint management, workplace analytics and premium support to our cloud customers. Our team enables Crestron to provide reliable, consistent value by rolling out new features, technology and products as they evolve.

Engineering Services

Sophisticated Industrial Design? Check. Innovative Mechanical Engineering? Check. State of the art tools like 3D modeling, simulation and prototyping? Check. Crestron’s diverse Engineering Services team strives to provide robust mechanical design solutions to our Crestron product teams, bringing innovation to life.

Firmware & Software

Our development teams are responsible for complete firmware and software as well as architecture, design, and security across all Crestron products. We have nurtured highly innovative, world class engineering teams. Crestron software and firmware teams thrive on low bureaucracy, agile, rapid deliveries, and leading-edge technologies. We foster an environment where individuals feel empowered to take appropriate risk, push boundaries, take ownership and as a result deliver amazing products with great quality.


Our engineering teams at Crestron are revolutionizing the way people live and work. We are building the smart homes, meeting rooms and classrooms of the future. The engineering teams enable all Crestron products that provide the intelligent operations, monitoring and deployment that allow us to do accomplish this. We look for innovative engineers that show initiative and can help drive difficult problems to closure. We look for leaders that deliver immediate results and produce value to our customers. We look for many different engineering skills across various platforms, programming languages and technology platforms.

Product Security

By delivering an ongoing structured practice, we ensure that Crestron products and services always exceed our customer security requirements and expectations. Our team proactively addresses contemporary and future security challenges facing government, industry and individuals.

Quality Engineering

This dedicated team instills customer confidence in the Crestron brand name by delivering best-in-class quality and reliability across all Creston product lines. We challenge the status quo and strive to do things better today than yesterday through continual change.

Strategic Engineering Partnerships

Crestron partners with key companies like Microsoft, Zoom, Apple, SONOS and Amazon to bring in the seamless integration of their popular services on Crestron products. Crestron brings in value to its customer by embedding these popular services into the natural workflow of their business and home environments.