“Our close partnerships with our suppliers and manufacturing sites, and our obsessive focus on product performance, have elevated the quality of Crestron’s products to levels unsurpassed in our industry. Above all, the sustained efforts of our talented Quality Assurance professionals make this possible.”

Christopher A.
Sr. Director, Quality Assurance

"I’ve been proud to see Crestron grow. This is a great, loyal company that stands behind its employees."

Rico S.
Director of Global Logistics and Distribution.

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Apart from the usual technical skills that are needed to perform the job, we look for candidates who can challenge the status quo and candidates who demonstrate constant hunger for doing things better today than yesterday through continual change.


The teammates across our Assembly, Box Build, Shipping and Logistics departments apply dedication and skills to get the products out to our customers A.S.A.P to generate cash flow.

Project Management

Maximize profits for Crestron business by managing product development cost and delivering promised value on time to Crestron customers.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Team is the nerve center of the uncompromising quality that Crestron seeks in everything it builds. Backed by a million-dollar testing lab, this team of engineers, techs and experts put our products through their paces and work with every other division within the company to ensure that designs, prototypes and products meet Crestron’s quality standards.

Supply Chain

We equip customers worldwide with the highest-quality technology in the Unified Communication space. This important undertaking requires an efficient supply chain, the very best materials and talented people who can execute the logistics that drive the company forward.

Test Engineering

We work to ensure that the products we produce meet the highest standards of quality in software, firmware and hardware testing. Our dynamic group thrives in a fast-paced environment. We use our technical and interpersonal skills to build and carry out the tests that reinforce the quality we guarantee to our customers.