to our veterans

The talents you develop there? They're truly valuable here.

The best way to salute transitioning service members and veterans is to place them into fulfilling careers and enable them to lead successful lives. The many ways Crestron engages to this purpose include these:

  • Career opportunities that tap skills developed during military service
  • Partnerships with pre-separation class instructors at military bases
  • Participation at military job fairs across the country

“The skills that you learn in the military are a lot more transferable than you may think, so don’t limit yourself. Prioritize what is more important to you. Make connections; you are the greatest advocate for your own career.”

Ariana M.

“Which of my military service skills apply to my current position? Communication. In times of conflict, you can’t put up a shield and be done with it. You have to understand where the other side is coming from and be flexible to find a solution.”

Steven C.
Shades Installation Specialist

“In the military, you’re constantly exposed to technologies and you’re always acquiring new information to consume. What appealed to me was Crestron’s strong emphasis on technology and the opportunity to contribute in that manner.”

Kumani D.
Manager, Materials Management

“I believe that every company in the private sector should do whatever they can to support and honor the men and women who have selflessly sacrificed so much to defend our country.”

George F.
Crestron Founder

The Crestron Eagles Program

Inspired by the optimism and determination of our country’s service members, Crestron founder George Feldstein created this program to provide state-of-the-art automation to military hospitals. It has since grown into something much larger. Whether we’re providing wounded veterans with a customized technology solution for their home or actively recruiting veterans and transitioning service members, Crestron is committed to giving back to our nation’s heroes.


Our nation’s veterans bring unique skills to the workplace. Which of yours will you contribute to ours?

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